I have been a member of the independent Tilos Radio community since 1996 and host the ‘Optimal’ show every Thursday 12am–3am.

My concept as a dj is to research the roots of different styles and musical approaches.

Optimal started as the broadcast of an underground techno & future music community in the late 90's (with dj R2D2, Alpina, Reakthor, Prell, Vicsek, Zefyr), but now it's just me (Popdavec dj / in the old times as dj Placid) with an eclectic mixture of many styles and out-of-the-box genres.

Spacenoise, afro-beat, jazz, space jazz, new wave, hip-hop, psychedelic sedrock, afro-chinese, afro-latin, psycho-latin, rhythm'n'blues, rock and roll, abstract music, techno, experimental, minimal, optimal, maximal...

Live selection in the studio, concert recordings, occasional live studio sessions.

Check my page on Tilos.hu and listen back the weekly Optimal Shows in the archive clicking on the red headphones button! All shows back are listed by date. You can also find other dj mixes of mine and our Live Radio Sessions in the 'mixek' section. All broadcasts are available for downloading!
Check my old mixcloud & new mixcloud as well for some additional dj mixes!