I’m Dávid Tamás Pap, a Budapest-based music promoter, sound engineer, dj and producer. I started out organising musical events, concerts and improvisation sessions in Sirály in 2007, and later worked in a range of venues including Roham and Bánkitó Festival. Nowadays, I do a weekly slot 'Optimal' on Tilos Radio and produce and record shows in Lumen, Kisüzem, and in the Jazzaj series using the name ’Monkeybusiness Production’.

These are often one-off performances. To create authentic recordings, I needed to refine my sound engineering knowledge, collect the right gear, and dedicate my time to their production. PPR is the culmination of these years of live recorded events and aims to represent the colorful underground of the music scene in Budapest today.


Prepost Records relies on financial support from the music-loving community. Most of the gigs that the recordings are based on are made with the same basic ethos: no entry, but you can make a donation.


All earnings go directly to the creative process, and will be used to develop recording equipment, and to source, support and release new music. You can choose the amount for one release, or make a one time or recurring donation! Thank you!


Suggested: 3600 HUF / 10 EUR